Just in time for Spring !!

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        I absolutely love Spring. Spring is the beginning of new life for just about every living thing. I have scoured the internet for the cheapest and most creative container gardening idea’s <3 Here are just a few of my favorites.

I absolutely love this one. Our children are always outgrowing their rain boots. Why not save them and use them as planters 😛 You can also find rain boots pretty cheap at Goodwill, Salvation army or any thrift store <3

Set cement blocks on their side so the holes face up—fill with soil and plant! Easy to do a tiered display with these too. Our children painted our cement blocks. I think they turned out amazing.

Keep it simple by painting with solid colors. Or get creative with splatter and polka dots. It’s completely up to you 🙂

Use old tires <3 I love this. Completely unique and different. The possibilities with this one is limitless.

Use an old desk. Paint it a bright color, and plant away 😛

This one seems like quite a bit of work. Here’s what you’ll need <3

rebar – about 6 feet
Sledge hammer or mallet
1 large clay pot for base
4 or 5 medium size clay pots for middle
1 small clay pot for top
Potting soil
A variety of flowers and/or herbs

Tip: Rebar is easily found in large home improvement stores, or hardware shops for approximately $10.

Use coffee mugs for small herbs 🙂 They had some really cute ones at the Goodwill the other day. I’ll be checking back soon to see what I can find <3