Generate Your Own Leads For As Little As $1 Per Lead

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  • More Leads!

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Stop Overpaying For Bad Leads, Hustling To Set Up More 1-to-1 Coffee Meetings, & Wasting Time on Social Media!

Generate Your Own Affordable Leads

Identifying leads and having a steady flow of prospects is often the most challenging part of any successful professional service provider business.

You can spend a ton of money buying leads (up to $25 or $30+ or more per lead) from lead vendor companies (aged leads, shared leads, exclusive leads, live transfer leads)

​You can spend a ton of time & energy trying to create leads on your own through networking, online forums, social media posting, etc.

​Or, you can generate your own leads for as little as $1 per lead and better control the process because you know where the lead came from and you don’t have to worry about being the ninth professional that is calling the lead!

You Know That Not All Leads Are Equal…

No Matter How Leads Come Into Your Business, They Fall Into One of Three Buckets:

Hot Leads know what they’re looking for and are researching their options.

Warm Leads know what they’re looking for, but aren’t taking action just yet.

Cold Leads aren’t really looking so they don’t know you or how you can help them.

How It Works

Your Giveaway Funnel Can Help You Attract Leads Based on Location, Age, Income, Net Worth, etc. So You Get In Front of Your Audience!

What You Get:

​The Giveaway Funnel customized and branded to you (we’ll help you pick the right giveaway AND the right questions to help qualify leads)

​Facebook Ads to copy/paste into your ads manager

​The lead nurturing email campaign to customize and add your specific voice and details

​The automation that makes your giveaway run professionally & smoothly

Managing and optimizing the campaign to help maximize your lead generation

About Me:

Kevin Dervin

Hi, my name is Kevin Dervin!

Since 2003, I’ve been helping small business owners and local professionals implement straight-forward processes and systems to consistently attract more clientele.

Let’s Build Your Giveaway Funnel:

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